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Celebrus 3X Gold Winner for Innovation, Technical Team and Website

Celebrus announces three gold Titan Awards in the 2022 business categories, recognizing the Celebrus products and team for its industry-leading innovation. 

Celebrus gold award-winning categories: 

Most Innovative IT Company of the Year 

Business Website- Best Content 

Technical Professional of the Year, Ant Phillips, CTO 

“This is another testament to the team, our software and the culture of innovation ingrained within our business. I could not be prouder of what the team continues to accomplish,” said Bill Bruno, CEO of D4t4 Solutions, the parent company of Celebrus. 

Celebrus recently released several patented, proprietary innovations, including Cross-Domain Continuance, a solution that solves the data gap between multiple brand-owned websites, and CX Vault, the first no-party data solution that provides relevancy capabilities for opted-out and private browsing sessions. Celebrus regularly releases product updates that are game-changing in the industry.  

CTO Ant Phillips was awarded Technology Professional of the Year and attributes it to his ability to lead a talented team to innovate, “I am grateful and honored to receive this award. My team is hugely talented, knowledgeable and committed to delivering world-class products and services.”  

Celebrus also strives to educate others on data collection and contextualization. It has been a goal to provide our customers and prospective customers with clear and concise information, so they can make the best decisions for their business. 

“Our team was tasked with converting a technical subject into clear, digestible content, understandable by anyone visiting the website,” said Tiffany Staples, vice president of marketing. “What they accomplished and continue to iterate on is remarkable.” 

D4t4 Solutions plc (AIM: D4t4) was founded around a passion for helping global enterprises derive value from their data assets. Supporting customers in financial services, retail, travel, healthcare, and telecommunications across 27 countries, D4t4 Solutions enables businesses to make smarter, informed decisions via Celebrus, the Group's flagship first-party data product suite. Celebrus CDP automatically captures, contextualizes, and activates user-based behavioral data in real-time across all digital channels. Through behavioral biometrics and analytics, Celebrus FDP helps companies prevent fraud before it happens. Celebrus CDM provides an enterprise platform that automates the integration and transformation of customer data from all relevant data sources, whether on-premises or cloud, to deliver customer and regulatory analytics. 

The Group has offices in the UK, USA, India, and Australia with key talent in all markets to drive the growth of the business. Celebrus is fully compliant with all major data privacy regulations and the Group is accredited to ISO27001: Information Security Management. 

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