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Celebrus Encourages Companies to Explore Options for Privacy

January 28th marks Data Privacy Day, an internationally recognized day to celebrate privacy and data protection. Since the day was first created by The Council of Europe in 2006 many things have changed, including technology that allows companies to collect and manage data.  First-party data is the most straightforward approach to data collection because it's fully owned by the organization collecting it and explicitly consented to by consumers. First-party data is a win-win for businesses and consumers, who have a mutual understanding of what and why data is being collected. 

Companies need to fully understand how they manage consent and use technology with the right capabilities to do so. User privacy preferences can change over time or with device, so technology must recognize the differences. Consent is required more frequently as organizations work to be transparent in what they do with the data that was once processed in the background.  

“Brands must evolve how they interact with consumers and ultimately need to quickly develop a data strategy that provides options for the opted-in and opted-out individuals,” said Bill Bruno, CEO of D4t4 Solutions, the parent company of Celebrus. “Celebrus has innovated both approaches to ensure that compliance is at the forefront, and we have done so in over 27 different countries around the globe for our customers.” 

For consumers who opt out, technologists continue to innovate ways for those users to continue their online journeys and have their expectations met without the need for data collection. Celebrus innovated CX Vault, which allows a person to remain anonymous and a business to deliver a relevant experience. This is referred to as no-party data. The definition of no-party data is anonymous data that is captured and contextualized without the use of any cookies or data sharing.   

To learn more about how Celebrus first-party and no-party products in addition to privacy and consent management visit us at